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Lamina by Amdah O'Brien

Let Lamina Wrap be a strata formation of all your oddment end balls in your stash, revealing the past in the form of projects knit and loved. Also perfect for mini skeins and unicorn tails. 
Alternately Lamina can also be worked in a single color, gradient or full skeins of your favorite color and contrast – so many possibilities.

Lamina includes both written and charted instructions for the lace.


Top Edge: 77”/196cm
Width: 18”/ 46cm 
Measurements taken after blocking.


Lamina Wrap Alternates between Garter sections and Lace panels. 
You may choose to use a different color each time the pattern alternates, use a single color for the whole project, or work with a MC and CC. For simplicity, the pattern will indicate MC for the garter band and CC for the lace panels.

Fingering Weight / 4-ply 
Main Color (MC): 420 yd / 384m;(27 garter sections each consisting of 15 yd/ 14m) 
Contrasting Color (CC): 840yd /768m (26 lace panels each consisting of 30yd/ 27.5m)