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              Tips on Shopping at

We have tried our best to make The Yarn Lady as easy as possible to navigate.  Below you will find a few tips to make your experience a FUN one!

Tip # 1 - Google TheYarnLady

If you Google The Yarn Lady you will see a link like below:

GO DIRECTLY to The Yarn Lady by typing in Google or on a URL line see below:

Tip #2 – Shopping around on

Every main Category has a drop-down box with options - see below for details.

Hover over the main category and move your mouse to the category you would like to search click it and wha-la you will be in that category – Simple as 1, 2, 3!!

Output for Yarn by Brand:


Output for Yarn by Fiber:


Again we tried to make it straight forward.  If you are ever confused please do not hesitate to call the shop (352) 775-9974.



Tip # 3 - Drilling down into an item in this case Comfort

Next we clicked on Yarn by Brands -> Berroco ->  Comfort:

Below is Comfort and all the colors available.  You can view colors two ways - click on the down arrow in the Color box – this will show you all colors available or In Stock.  Click on any of these colors and the picture will reflect that color.  You can also flip through the colors by clicking on the thumbnails in the far lower left of your screen.  Clicking on these will also cause the colors to change. 



Tip # 4 – Colors Out of Stock

If a Color is Out of Stock there will be a BLANK color box as seen below for Marble Chunky.  Again if you click on a thumbnail and the color box is empty that is an indication that color is Out of Stock. You will never have the option to order items out of stock. 

Please phone with special request as we are happy to Help!

(352) 775-9974


Tip #5  - Quantity in Stock

Total inventory of any item can be viewed by clicking on the drop down arrow of the quantity box see below for details.

Tip #6 – Needle Sizes 

Only difference between yarn and needles is the yarn is grouped according to color and the needles are by sizes.  Thus all the different sizes can be viewed in the same drop down.  See below for details.  

And like yarn colors if there is a size missing in the drop down it is out of stock!


Tip #7 – Path is Small but Powerful

Between the Category Line and the photo and description section  you will see tiny little words (up on the left).  This is the path you have taken to get to the page you are currently on.  These words are hot links to the locations they specify. 

Needles -> Brand -> Addi -> addi Turbo Fixed Circular Needles

You can click on Addi it will bring you back to all Addi needles or  Click on Brand and it will take you all the way back to Needles by Brand  Click on Needles you are Back to Categories for Needles

Saves you clicks give it a Try!!

Like Mentioned if you need anything at all just give a shout!

Call: (352) 775-9974 or Email:

And if you stumble upon something that needs a Tip I am happy add one just let me know what it is!